Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

Starting out in the world of photography can be tough for beginners. This article will show you some digital photography tips for beginners that will help get you on your feet in no time!The digital world of photography is not much different from the film world. Digital really makes everything a lot easier for most novices and professionals as well. One of the biggest benefits for this type of photo taking is the fact that you don’t have to buy film over and over again. If you take a bad shot, just delete it!One of the problems with digital shots is that it gets a little too easy. Nowadays with point and shoot cameras most people don’t even take the care to compose their shots. They just point at a subject and shoot it. As a result, most shots don’t look as good as they can.Learning how to compose digital photos is not difficult at all. Here are some easy to follow guidelines:1. Avoid the digital zoom function
With some digital cameras, there is optical zoom and digital zoom. With optical, you’re actually moving the lens closer to the subject. With digital, the photo is being enlarged to make the picture bigger. Digital zoom, as a result, makes the quality worsen as you zoom closer to the subject. Avoid this unless you don’t mind a low quality shot.2. Use the flash sparingly
The flash of a camera really can help bring out certain details of a subject. However, with digital it tends to be overused especially in auto mode. The flash, when used improperly, dulls the shot and makes everything less interesting. This is especially true for dark situations where the subject becomes the only thing lit whereas everything in the background is dark.3. Don’t be afraid to delete
With this new technology, you don’t have to worry about wasting film. Be free to take lots of pictures and delete those that you don’t like. By taking more photos you’re more likely to get a good shot than taking fewer.

Lifestyle Marketing – Leading the Global Wealth Transfer

Discover Lifestyle MarketingLifestyle Marketing is the leading edge of the next global transfer of wealth. This business model is quietly enabling individuals to position themselves in front of the impending wave.The Secret Is OutEven Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and Warren Buffet are publicly moving significant assets into the only industry which is best situated to benefit over the next 10 years.Are you on board?Right now, you have the opportunity to build YOUR future in the very way that Robert Kiyosaki said he would do, if he were starting today — Network Marketing.But wait… I thought we were talking about “Lifestyle Marketing.”Yes, we are, and the difference between ‘Network’ and ‘Lifestyle’ marketing is the business model — a model built upon community, individual integrity, personal leadership, and a genuine desire to help others succeed.In Robert Kiyosaki’s words,”Reason number one is to help yourself. Reason number two is to help others. If you join for only one of these two reasons, then the system will not work for you.”What is Lifestyle Marketing?Lifestyle Marketing is the only, 100% honest and transparent approach to building a Network Marketing business. It is the absence of get-rich-quick schemes, outrageous income claims, or a lottery mentality.”Lifestyle” is defined by Random House Dictionary as “the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living by and individual or group.”The core focus of this the lifestyle form of marketing is in enabling individuals to achieve whatever lifestyle they desire. This may or may not center on an income goal. After all, money (alone) does not buy happiness.Maybe your dream lifestyle means more time with family, financial freedom, or charitable outreach. When finances are no longer an issue you are able to afford top-notch education for your children, take a second (or first) honeymoon, or provide care for an elder loved one. Maybe your goals are more adventurous: going rock climbing, taking an African safari, or earning your pilot’s license. A successful business with sustainable, residual income enables you to pursue any passion.Your invitation to explore Lifestyle Marketing begins here.True entrepreneurs know that creating a life change requires commitment and action. Those who choose this path will position themselves in front of the largest global wealth transfer in history.

Life Insurance Considerations for Asthmatics

Sufferers of Asthma, need life insurance too.How and Why people with breathing health issues should get simple term life insurance policies.About the underlying condition and why it may cost you more to buy simple term life insurance.The ConditionAsthma is a complex condition that involves restrictions of the airways. Asthma is typically chronic and can be life threatening. According to the American Lung Association there is “no cure for asthma.”That, however, does not mean that there are not lots of treatements for this condition. Some treatments involve inhalers and others involve nebulizers via a prescription from their physician. If you have asthma or think you might, you should see a physician.Exactly what triggers and causes asthma is not widely agreed upon.Why Asthma Cost More with Life Insurance:The truth is is that that ashtma in rare circumstances can prove fatal. However it is can also be a secondary factor that leads to other issues. For example asthmatics that have the flu can see increased breathing problems. For those reasons and numerous others, asthma sufferres typically have to spend more on life insurance.No General Agreement with Insurers:There is no single way that life insurers handle life insurance for people with breathing problems. Some insurers will flat out deny the insurance application, some will provide you table ratings, whiile others may consider you for preferred pricing if your asthma is stable and controlled.What is Controlled Asthma from a Life Insurers Standpoint:What exactly constitutes controlled asthma is not a simple answer. However generally they involve the following criteria:

No Emergency Room Visits for Asthma in the past several years.

A good relationship with plenty of on time check ups with your general practitioner.

On time prescription refills and all medicines taken.

A clear note from the doctors that your asthma is consider in controlled.

When applying for life insurance, the insurers will have access to all your medical files that yoru doctor has filled out. Therefore they will be able to read all of the notes about all of your visits. The insurer will also be able to look up your prescription records.How to Propertly Shop for Life Insurance When you Have Asthma:There are several important things to do when shopping for term insurance when you have asthma.Step One:See your doctor and keep up with all of your prescriptions. If you doc tells you to do something – do it. This first step seems so obvious, but so many people fail to do it. A relative clean bill of health for a prolonged period of time is what life insurers are looking for.Step Two:Be honest about your asthma with your insurance agents. This too seems common, but again, so many people fail this test. In order for you to get best pricing, you will need to tell your insurance agent about your situation. Hiding your condition and having it show up while your proposed policy is being reviewed, generally will only cost you more money.Step Three:Contact your home auto insurer for a life insurance quote and make sure you tell them that you have asthma. Have all of the spcifics of your condition with you, such as the medicines that you take and any breathing statistics that you may have. Get the quote from the home auto insurer and then proceed to the next step.Step Four:Now contact an independent agent, one that works with dozens of life insurers. Take all of the same information that you gave to your home auto insurer and provide it to the independent life agent. Based on your criteria of what you need and your past medical information – you may be able to qualify for better pricing.Step Five:Go ahead and compare the insurance quotes that you have and make an informed decision based on the policy term legnth, coverage amount, premimum cost and the Financial Strength Rating. Choose the product that works best for you and your family.What to do if you Get Declined:If you get declined with your application for insurance, do not be dismayed. At this point you will absolutely want to reach out to a life insurance specialist who may be able to assist you further.What is a Financial Strength Rating?Simply put, a Financial Strength Rating is an expert opinion of an insurer’s ability to meet and pay out claims. In general you should buy the highest rated insurer that you can afford. For AM Best generally shooting for A, A+, and A++ should suffice for term insurance.Johnson is an independent insurance agent based outside San Francisco CA, who is specializes in selling life insurance for asthmatics. He is an advocate of consumer rights and sufferers from Asthma himself.